Yep, that's kind of me above but not as young-looking ( you don't think I was going to add the wrinkles when I'm in charge of the pen, do you)?
What can I tell you about myself?

 I was born in Newton Abbot in Devon in the late 60s and spent my childhood growing up in the 70s,  as a kid, who was a tomboy and liked nothing better than running around in her wellies,  it was bloody good fun.

I went to school, got in trouble for laughing a lot, worked in the retail sector, and honed my laughing skills here, especially if I was working with Amanda. Whilst laughing in retail, I trained to be an Embalmer and a Phlebotomist but didn't take up either as my career. 
 Instead, I enrolled at Plymouth University to study Illustration. I prefer to work in pencil and ink and use shading to texture and colour my work. My work is predominately humorous and can consist of puns, situations and observational humour, with a splattering of a few naughty words in the text. ( I mean, I don't get told off anymore, so I can).

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